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Good News Guam

A social media campaign for good. Good News Guam was created during the height of the pandemic to bring the community together by promoting peace and positivity in the community by sharing good news one post at a time. 


As of June 8, 2021 we successfully grew the following from 0 to 900+ followers on Instagram alone, while sharing over 255 positive posts with the People of Guam.


Total cost of the project to date (03/01/22) = $0 

What's Next? 

Because of the success, we will continue to on the journey of sharing peace and positivity with our community. 

What we need:

Social Media Support - Like, Share, and Follow @GoodNewsGuam 


For the community to tag @goodnewsguam in exciting posts that promote peace and positivity in the community. 

A volunteer to complete tasks as a Social Media Manager with the potential for the opportunity to be a paid gig. 

Requirement: at least 2 hours a week with the familiarity of social media platforms like  Instagram / Facebook. 

How you can help:

Share good news with us by submitting your story/post suggest to @goodnewsguam on Instagram, facebook, or complete the form below. 

Tag @goodnewsguam in your posts! 

Donate your time (at least 2 hours a week) to post on our page @goodnewsguam 

Help us hire a part-time social media manager by pledging to donate either; $50/month (12 pledges) or $600/year (1 pledge) 

Current pledges = $0 

Share Good News!

Complete the form below to submit good news to Good News Guam. All good news is subject to review. 

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