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High Fives

Our Programs

The Green Wave.PNG

A Green Wave is commonly known as an unbroken and desirable wave to ride, all you have to do is match the momentum of the wave. We are excited to join the momentum of the green movement by creating waves of empowerment, community, circular economy, conservation, and sustainable island living!


A thought-provoking project to inspire the People of the Marianas wherever they are.

Small to Large signage placed in high traffic areas with the intent to spark new ideas and inspire positive change.  


Our Sprouting Seeds program focuses on providing opportunities to nurture the minds and hearts of our youth (the seeds of today) so they can bloom in a healthy and thriving tomorrow.

The Grow Program.PNG

The first step to personal growth is to identify what inspires and drives you! We hold workshops, conferences, and events that focus on skills and information that will help unlock your interests and potential. We aim to help others find their passion by providing tools, outlets, and resources all while having fun and taking on new adventures.

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