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The Tiny Library Project 

A project by the People of the Marianas for the People of the Marianas to share one book at a time. Inspire Marianas wants to inspire everyone to dive into a book and use their imagination. Reading is a great way to escape reality and color our world with new and interesting content. Inspire Marianas is on a mission to build TEN(10) small library stands and place them around the island at designated locations for the community to enjoy and share books. The concept is easy! At every location that holds “The Tiny Library,” the public is encouraged to take a book of their interest and enjoy reading it. They can even take it home to keep it. On the flip side, we also encourage the public to place their used (but still in good condition) books at “The Tiny Library,” or return their book so someone else can enjoy it. Let’s share and grow together!

The Tiny Library Project


The benefits of reading are limitless and include gaining valuable knowledge, exercising the brain, improving focus, communication, and memory skills, being entertained, reducing stress, and improving mental health. This project provides our community with easier access to reading materials from children and young adults.

How You Can Help 

We are reaching out to the community to donate materials to make our tiny library “stand.” See below for the materials we need. We will also be coordinating volunteers to build and maintain TEN(10)  library boxes throughout the island. STAY TUNED FOR THE BUILDING DAY ANNOUNCEMENT!


This is a great opportunity to meet new people and come together for a great cause!

Donate supplies to build book stands


Volunteer to build 

Volunteer to install boxes 

Donate books 

Donate your time to visit book stands and help maintain the books (fix books, restock, organize, wipe down stand and inspect books.) 

What We Need

  • Books (Children - Young adult Books) 

  • Plywood 

  • 2x2 wood 

  • 2x4 wood 

  • Paint (Any color at least 1 quart) 

  • Painting equipment (brushes, rollers, etc.) 

  • Volunteers to build (10) book stands 

  • Volunteers to paint 

  • Volunteers to install 

  • Volunteers to maintain book stands

How to Volunteer

We need help building our Tiny Library stands.


We're targeting our book stand build-out day for March 28, 2022 

if you're interested in helping out, please what's app Victor at (671)777-5732.

Every month we need volunteers to help cycle out the books at each stand. Volunteers will be tasked to select a few books from our inventory and distribute them to each stand. 

Volunteers will inspect books and maintain the cleanliness of the stands. 

Where are the Libraries going to be placed? 

We are accepting requests for Tiny Librarys to be installed around the island. 

Our goal is to build 10 libraries so we need 10 locations. 

We are targeting locations where the community can access the books at any time and in areas that are experiencing a higher percentage of poverty. 

We believe restaurants are another great location for our book stands, because its a great time for people to read while they wait for their order. 

If you are interested in being a partner or you would like to request for a book stand to be placed in your neighborhood, please contact our team by emailing

Why are we doing this project? 

This project provides our community with easier access to reading materials from children and young adults. The benefits consists of; 


Gaining valuable knowledge, exercising the brain, improving focus, improving  memory, enjoying entertainment, improving ability to empathize, improving communication skills, reducing stress, and improving mental health.

How to Donate Books

Book Swap:  Visit one of our book stands located throughout the island and make a swap. A book for a book. 

Donate Multiple Books:  Please email to coordinate a multiple book donation. Books must be in good condition and organized 

Preferred Books 

Chamorro Dictionary 

Kids Books

Young Adults books

Educational content

Comic books

*NO profane and inappropriate reading material

Where to find a tiny library 

The Village Thrift - Located in Compadres Mall 

Become a partner by hosting a tiny library at your business. We replenish the books bi-weekly or if necessary. Please email for more information. 

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